Dundee’s Teachers vote to Oppose the Introduction of Faculties

Created on: 22 Mar 2022 | Last modified: 30 Mar 2022

Dundee’s teachers have strongly voted in favour of industrial action over Dundee Council’s proposals to move to a faculty structure in its secondary schools.

A recent consultative ballot organised by the Dundee Local Association the EIS saw 88% of teachers voting in favour of industrial action with a turnout of 73%.

Commenting on the ballot result, EIS Local Association Secretary for Dundee David Baxter said, "Teachers in Dundee have overwhelmingly voted to oppose the introduction of moving secondary schools to a faculty structure. This result sends a very clear message that the Council cannot afford to ignore. Teachers in Dundee are firmly against these damaging proposals."

Mr Baxter continued, "The loss of subject principal teachers would remove invaluable experience and leadership from individual departments, while also increasing workload demands on class teachers and promoted staff. Dundee Council’s plans will damage our secondary schools and bring no discernible benefit for students or staff."

Mr Baxter concluded, “Teachers do not take industrial action lightly but at a time when the council should be focussing on education recovery and supporting pupils, they are putting all their energy into arranging an unnecessary restructure which will have a detrimental impact on young people’s education."

"It is time for Dundee City Council to listen to teachers and take these plans off the table once and for all. However, if they refuse to listen and decide to push ahead with these plans, teachers are prepared to stand together and take action to protect education in Dundee’s secondary schools."

Ballot Result:

Turnout: 73%
Yes: 88%
No: 12%