Education Recovery Plan is a "Missed Opportunity"

Created on: 05 Oct 2021 | Last modified: 05 Oct 2021

The Scottish Government’s Education Recovery Plan, announced today, is a missed opportunity.

Commenting following the publication of the plan, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "Clearly, there are significant elements within the plan to be welcomed – not least the commitment to increasing teacher numbers, the creation of more permanent posts to tackle the scandal of 10% of current teaching posts being temporary, and the reduction in class contact time to 21 hours.

"Overall, however, the plan largely restates existing workstreams and fails to promote a single big initiative such as a reduction in class sizes, which would catalyse an education recovery programme and bring immediate benefits to Scotland's children and young people.

"Smaller class sizes, even on a limited basis as a starting point, such as P2 and P3 or S1 and S2, would mean more teacher time per pupil and assist with targeted interventions where the pandemic has impacted disproportionately on children’s lives. As a country, we need to be bolder in our ambitions for our youth."

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