EIS Agrees new Pattern of Strike Action for FE College Lecturers

Created on: 09 May 2022 | Last modified: 09 May 2022

Following a fifth day of national strike action by Scotland’s college lecturers, the EIS-FELA Executive met yesterday afternoon to consider the next steps in the industrial action campaign in pursuit of a fair pay award.

The Employers’ Association has refused to meet EIS-FELA earlier than Thursday of next week to discuss this dispute. The EIS-FELA Executive believes that management has taken this stance to ensure that there will be at least 5 days of strike action before any further negotiation could take place

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "It is unfortunate that only one side in this dispute is actively seeking a resolution to the ongoing programme of strike action.

"The EIS has expressed a willingness to meet to reach a negotiated end to this dispute but the management side have been dragging their feet and refusing to meet until after the next strike days have taken place. This stance is not in the best interests of students, staff or the wider community."

Following a full discussion at the EIS-FELA Executive, in which the Employers refusal to meet before next Thursday was raised, in cognisance of the ASOS (Action Short of Strike) resulting boycott in place and the pending escalation of ASOS to withdraw goodwill - a new strike pattern of strike days was agreed, as follows:

  • Week beginning 8th May: One day a week.
  • Week beginning 15th May: One day a week.
  • Week beginning 22nd May: One day a week.
  • Week beginning 29th May: Two days a week.
  • Week beginning 5th June: Two days a week.
  • Week beginning 12th June: Three days a week (continuously until end of the academic year).

The pattern of strike days outlined above will be run in conjunction with Action Short of Strike, with the resulting boycott ongoing and formal notification of a withdrawal of goodwill (beginning 19th May) having been sent to the college employers.

By taking steps to ensure that the sustainability of strike action, minimise the impact on students and a further escalation of ASOS, the EIS-FELA Executive believes that a strategy has been adopted that best allows members to continue to undertake industrial action in pursuit of a fair offer.