EIS Publishes new Report Highlighting the PACT Against Poverty

Created on: 21 Apr 2021 | Last modified: 21 Apr 2021

The EIS will today (Tuesday) officially publish the PACT project Phase 1 report as part of its continuing commitment to supporting anti-poverty professional learning for teachers across the country.

The EIS PACT project, funded by the Scottish Government, was established to help teachers explore through professional learning the nature, causes and consequences of poverty, as well as the possible practical and pedagogical interventions to mitigate its impact on children and young people’s school education.

Commenting, EIS Assistant Secretary Andrea Bradley said, “As a society and as a teaching profession in one of the richest countries in the world, we should neither accept the existence of poverty nor of educational inequity. Governments at both UK and Scotland levels have significant responsibility and power to act against poverty but with the necessary government support and funding, and with the right cultures in place, services such as Education also have a role to play.”

The ground-breaking EIS PACT Project grew out of preliminary discussions between the EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan and the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Deputy First Minister John Swinney, at the 2017 International Summit on the Teaching Profession. The EIS and the Scottish Government then made a joint commitment to develop an evidence-based anti-poverty professional learning offer for teachers.

Ms Bradley added, “The EIS wishes to thank the Scottish Government for the significant part that it has played in ensuring that the pledge made at the ISTP has been honoured. In 2017, if the need for such a pledge between education unions and government to act against poverty was stark, the ravages of the pandemic against the poorest individuals and communities within Scotland, have rendered it all the more essential now. The recommendations of the PACT Project Phase 1 report and PACT professional learning are  hugely important for an education recovery that has equity at its heart.”

Copies of the full Phase 1 Pact Report, and the Phase 1 Summary Report, are available for information.