Students & Teachers Deserve High Praise for Strong Qualifications Results

Created on: 10 Aug 2021 | Last modified: 10 Aug 2021

The EIS has congratulated Scotland’s senior students after a strong set of qualifications results were confirmed.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "Scotland’s young people have endured a particularly difficult period over the past year, with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic creating many challenges in all aspects of their lives including their education.

"The late decision to cancel the exam diet and to move to the Alternative Certification Model (ACM) inevitably created additional pressures on students, but it is clear that Scotland’s young people have performed exceptionally well in the most trying of circumstances and they can be extremely proud of all that they have achieved."

Mr Flanagan continued, "The additional pressure and workload created by the late move to adopt the ACM, compounded by a three-month lock-down, placed a particularly heavy burden on teachers and lecturers, and they deserve sincere thanks for their absolute commitment to ensuring that young people could receive the grades that they deserved."

Mr Flanagan added, "As we look ahead to the welcome replacement of the Scottish Qualifications Authority and a refresh of a qualifications system that still places too much emphasis on high-stakes end of year exams, there will be lessons to learn from this year’s experience.

"Today, however, is about recognising and celebrating the successes of Scotland’s young people."