SQA Revision Support Guidance - EIS Comment

Created on: 08 Mar 2022 | Last modified: 08 Mar 2022

Commenting following the publication of revision support guidance by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"The EIS has been clear since plans were announced that this package alone will be insufficient mitigation of the impact of Covid disruption to learning, particularly for the most disadvantaged young people.

"What will be more important at this stage in seeking to address the effects of this year’s disruption to learning will be the additional resources promised to schools for additional study support and the enhancement of support from Education Scotland through the esgoil programme.

"It is critical that the young people whose families and communities have been worst affected by the pandemic and who have the least access to private tutoring at home, are fully supported in school to access the additional supports that are being made available. The EIS is seeking subject specific feedback from members on the utility of the revision support for their particular subject areas."