EIS Seeking Further Clarification on Digital Learning Proposals in Western Isles

Created on: 06 May 2022 | Last modified: 06 May 2022

EIS Western Isles' Local Association welcomes comments from the Director of Education, William MacDonald, regarding the ongoing harmonisation of secondary timetables and digitalisation of teaching and learning.

In correspondence with the EIS, Mr MacDonald said "Teaching digitally is voluntary and we will not be cutting any jobs." He went on to say "No decisions will be taken before we (EIS Local Association and education department representatives) meet and hopefully that meeting will take place next week."

Local Association Secretary, Karen Graham, said, "It is useful to have these commitments from the Director in writing because we have not yet seen a written proposal for the harmonisation of timetables and online learning provision.

"There is clearly a lot of misinformation and alternative facts flying around. All our members want is to be properly consulted and any changes to our working conditions negotiated via the established channels. If the Comhairle continues to flout the collective bargaining forum that we have agreed then our members will be forced to take action over this dispute.

"We don't want it to come to that. We want the best educational provision for our pupils; we don’t simply want one which is designed to raise revenue or to be the cheapest."