HE Pay Crisis

Created on: 04 Apr 2022 | Last modified: 22 Jul 2022

The New JNCHES pay round (and associated dispute process) has concluded with no improved offer being made by UCEA.

A Consultative Ballot of members for Industrial Action to secure a better offer is now open.

We’re asking you to vote YES to both Action Short of a Strike and Strike Action.

You can see the full and final offer boils down to an offer of 3%. RPI currently sits at 11.8%. A 3% pay offer comes nowhere near addressing the impact of this increase in the cost of living. It means a real terms cut in the value of your pay of 8.8% this year.  

The original claim from the trade unions asked for an uplift of RPI+2%. This reflected a desire of members to not only have a pay award which keeps up with inflation but added an element of catch up following the poor awards imposed over a period of years. 

Meanwhile, in contrast to your salary, the pay for Principals continues to have not only kept up with but exceeded inflation since 2009. 

It’s time to stop accepting below inflationary offers that eat into the value of your pay year after year. It’s time employers paid all their staff fairly for the work they do, and not just the Principal.